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CASCO For Assessment Services Co. helps certification bodies adopt and adhere to international standards through streamlined processes and expert training. CASCO provides independent technical assessments to ensure compliance with product standards and simplify the implementation and maintenance of these standards.
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Professionalism in providing technical consulting services for obtaining accreditations and upgrading quality infrastructure to comply with legislative, mandatory, and technical regulations is crucial.

Our services aim to enhance mutual trust between conformity assessment providers and consumers, as well as raise awareness of the importance of accreditation in strengthening the quality infrastructure worldwide.

Laboratory Testing Consultation

At CASCO, we provide consultation services in the field of testing laboratories, in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Laboratory Testing Consultation
Calibration Laboratory Consultation
service_imageInspection Certification Body Consultation
service_imageProduct Certification Body Consultation
Ready to be Digital Transformation with iCASCO?CASCO provides an iCASCO ERP SaaS system for ISO 17000 Family that helps all Certification Bodies (CBs) to manage the certification process flow easily and efficiently COC, SASO, SABER, NAFSA and SFDA.
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CASCO recognizes the importance of accreditation in global trade as it provides a reliable means of mutual recognition between countries and economies. Accreditation ensures that products and services meet international standards and boosts the reputation and competitiveness of businesses. CASCO helps clients in the accreditation process to meet requirements and enjoy the benefits of recognition.

  • Designing
  • Manufacturing
  • Producing
  • Testing
  • Inspecting

Apply For the requested Standard.

Apply For the requested Standard. Submitting an application form through the website or email.

Gap Assessment.

Determining the Current status of the CBs with Desired Stanrad.


Providing the required Awareness training for CBs Staff.

Carrying out all procedures, Forms, SOPs and technical Schemes.


Ensuring that the management system is effective by conducting internal audits and MRM.

Preparing for AB site visit assessment and closing out all raised improvement Areas.


CASCO is known for its provision of courses, seminars, and training programs through online technology to adapt to any situation and keep up with advancements in information technology. Furthermore, we also offer in-person classroom courses.

Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 9: Sites Training
01-02 Jun.2023UAE
Food Safety Management Requirements In Accordance With International Standard ISO 22000:2018
01-02 Jun.2023UAE
International recognition

CASCO is distinguished by its technical expertise in the 17000 family standards, whether in qualification, training, or independent evaluation. Additionally, the company provides product management and branding systems through the iCASCO platform, which enables SASO, SFDA, and SABER trademark issuers to easily and efficiently manage conformity certification COC processes.

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